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Fries for Dinner

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Date #1

I purposefully walked around the block 3 times.  I was avoiding being early which for some reason I’m usually fine with doing. After all, I did ask him out about 4 hours ago and he said yes. Okay, first step completed. But now you have to actually go on the date! Darn. This was going to be fun I told myself. Sure…I took one more lap around the block to relax.

We ended up arriving at the bar at the same time so I avoided that “What’s he look like again?” situation. He was lovely and had such great energy. I noticed the bar was filled with dates. New York City at Happy Hour can really fee like a dating zoo. We couldn’t even find a seat. Welcome to Mating Season.

So we moseyed to the back and found a couch that engulfed me. There was quite some distance between us. In fact, at one point he was closer to another couple that ended up sitting next to him. Halfway through the date I realized I had no lunch and those drinks were going through me fast. A few thoughts starting rushing through my head: Am I ready for this challenge? Are you jumping into it? Can you take one more Monday cocktail?

I saw a familiar face in the bar and winked at a fellow Babe that entered with her date. Right on time. We planned to meet up at the same bar actually. At least this way, if anything crazy happened I could latch on to her. It was quite comforting knowing she was only a few feet away. But my plan backfired. I became more nervous when I saw her. What if I run into her and blow my cover? So now I was on the ultimate first date and had to play James Bond? Multitasking was never my strong suit.

Back to the date: we chatted about family and travels. It was nice and smooth. Everything a first date chat should sound like. We decided to wrap up the night with a plate of fries talking about what shows to watch on Netflix. Always safe. But then my friend walked by and I couldn’t help but smirk.

It was getting late and I realized I should probably wrap up my night. With a quick hug I sauntered to the subway and organized my thoughts. I got my first point, but was I capable of getting more? Date #1 was charming, but where was the spark? I came to terms that maybe the girl who just got out of a relationship may not be ready for something as adventurous as a dating challenge. Or maybe the challenge will help me find what I was looking for? Well, I guess there was only one way to find out. I’d have to trudge along and see what treasures I’d find on this map.

Halfway through my sleepy subway ride, I ran into a guy I matched with months before the challenge. “Hello,” he said. Maybe this was going to be a lot easier than I thought.


Tea Babe


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