The Subway Ride


Date #2

Oh New York – you always have a way of navigating me right into unique situations. Let me elaborate. We matched about four months B.T.C. (before The Challenge), but never met live. To be frank, I had no motivation to set that date up. I’m a millennial I’m supposed to be lazy! When I re-met him on the subway (RIGHT after my first challenge date) I realized that the MTA was essentially gunning for me to win and I figured I’d have to listen to it. It does take me to work daily after all.

When we locked eyes on the train, we exchanged the double take and I was filled with dread to make small talk the rest of the train home. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about… After we giggled about finally meeting in-person we exchanged the digits. Subway guy was the right dose of happy and unique. A bit older than me which is always interesting. Why not!? He met the criteria to get my second point (see post #1) so the date was set – NY Transit Museum.

A week passed. Prior to the museum, we grabbed tea and I instantly knew that I wanted the rest of the date to stay friendly. Poor guy. He was sweet, but when it doesn’t click, it doesn’t click, ladies and gentlemen. Oh and I was extremely tired*. I’ve been wanting to check out this museum so at least we had that going for us. It was in an abandoned station complete with historic trains so the history nerd in my was ecstatic. The single girl in me was slowly losing it. We chatted about the usual topics and learned how the MTA got through the city-wide black out but this girl had a nap to take. This museum seemed to get bigger and bigger. Or was it just me? Finally, after we got to the last vintage turnstile, I was able to rush home. Of course, we took the train home.

I realized that I was probably tied for second place and as much as I should’ve kept swiping, this girl had a nap to take. Sweet dreams, lovers.


Tea Babe


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