Does He Exist?


Date #3

Well the answer to that question is yes, but not really. Confused? Let me explain: He was one of the first guys I swiped and not going to lie – he was pretty swoon-worthy. I was excited until I realized how difficult it was to plan with Mystery Boy. Eventually after many failed attempts to meet live, we finally met up at an oh-so-romantic Meatpacking lounge (Queue eye roll). But to be honest, the night wasn’t horrible. He was very charming.

Afterwards, we planned to meet that Saturday. It included extravagant dinner plans where he was meant to “pick me up” (what does that mean in NYC?) but then he never came. No cancellation. No call. NOTHING. I get it we all have things to do, but it takes about 2 SECONDS to send a text (haven’t timed it, but I’m assuming). Fine, he’s not my boy, but I couldn’t help but wonder what happened. I replayed a few scenes of him getting aimlessly lost for a few days in Manhattan which isn’t plausible since he’s from New York….Basically it was as if I was talking to a ghost. Pretty intriguing. Bumble profile – deleted. Texts – not delivered. Calls – straight to voicemail. At some point, I put my detective hat on. I just wanted to know if was okay! Spoiler alert: he was doing just fine.

Needless to say, we all know how this story ends. He texted me a month later, we planned a dinner, he cancelled and then the we ended with the cherry on top of a “Hey” text. Goodbye, Casper! Forever.


Tea Babe


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