Tuesday Night: Part I


Date #4

I don’t know if it was the spring air or the fact that I sat next to SJP at a Vietnamese restaurant recently, but I REALLY got into the game Tuesday night. I had not one, but two great dates. In one night! Okay, okay, so maybe you don’t find that particularly exciting, but boy, oh, boy, do I.

The first date started as all my dates have so far…I was five minutes early and he was annoyingly late. We were meeting at a casual place on W 116th and his excuse was that he got on the express train and had to double back and of course, the trains were delayed. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…but he was born and raised on W 130th so that was a dumb mistake. *eye roll

We walked into a beer and hot dog place (vegan hot dogs!) and it was packed with Columbia students doing trivia so we popped into an intimate bar with super hip cocktails a few blocks away.

This guy was cute. Kind of nervous- or was he drunk? Mmm, no, just nervous. I would be too if I was just breaking out of a four-year relationship with my live-in gf. We laughed and talked about where we grew up and ate roasted brussels sprouts. And we drank. We drank several cocktails.

As things were winding down and we (he) got the check, and he offered to walk me home.

Oh, you don’t have to. (Because I have another date right after this)

No, it’s fine. I love walking around the city.

You sure? It’s about two miles away. 

Yeah, of course. Let’s head out. 

So we walked.

I’ve only walked around the city on a date one other time but this was my best date walk yet. He pointed out some important neighborhood buildings. Told me some funny stories about his childhood when we passed his old playgrounds. And had a lively discussion about public housing and how to make the buildings and space more efficient and less oppressive.

In the end, it was a great date. As we were about to part ways in front of my building, he asked to kiss me.


What? Oh, I’ve never- I wasn’t expecting you to say that.

Sorry, I don’t kiss on first dates.



Okay. Well…I had fun. Let’s do this again?

How about next week? 

Okay, sounds good. Night. 

And I stood in my doorway watching him ride away in a cab. When he turned the corner, I got out my phone and called a Lyft back to the West Side.

To be continued…


Love always,

Art Babe


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