Sound the Siren


Dates #6-8

I’m getting better at this so let’s speed things up a bit, shall we?

Date #6- The Harlem native again. We went back to the hot dog place (not on trivia night) and had a great time. I have a good feeling about this guy. A feeling that this might last a while. We’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves, or each other. And he made a couple references to things we should do in the future. Stay tuned for a third date in the near future.

Date #7- I have nothing to say about this. My brain kept telling my legs to walk out of the bubble tea place but my heart felt bad for being so over it. So I stayed for 45 minutes and had a nice conversation. He texted me the next day. I didn’t respond.

Date #8-

This one is worth talking about in detail because HUBBA HUBBA. This man was gorgeous. And his smile…*drool.

Date #8 was just 2 blocks away from date #7. Yes, I planned that. But because date #7 ended early, I got to the bar early. I ordered a couple Guinnesses and some fries before he got there (on time!) and he did a subtle double take when he noticed I’d been there a while.

Oh, I’m sorry I’m late!

You’re not late. Want something to drink? 

He was so into me. Not to be like that, but hot damn. We were a good pair. Equally hilarious (if I do say so myself) and both with interesting family histories.

He was born in Germany, grew up in a super white part of Florida, had a punk rock band in high school (the pictures of him rockin’ a giant afro AND fall-out boy style outfits AND being so lanky and awkward and skinny are just too amazing for words), and moved to NYC to be a software engineer. He was brand new to the city, so I knew to be cautious. It’s no secret that online dating is a great way to meet people/make friends when you’re fresh to New York and I wasn’t really looking for that casual stuff. Yes, this was just a silly challenge and I wouldn’t have downloaded all these dating apps otherwise, but I was still looking for a real relationship.

We could have talked for hours but I was going to be late for a movie with the rest of Babeland so I paid the bill. He was flustered.

Oh, what? No, I want to pay for it. I- I didn’t know you had a tab open.

No, it’s cool. I was here for a while before you anyway. 

Okay, well I’ll get it next time. 


And he walked me to the train station and waited on the platform with me. This is when things got weird. He stood in front of me. Face to face, almost chest to chest. On the platform. Not okay. Everyone faces the tracks on the platform. That’s just how it is. Now I feel like my space is being violated.

Stand next to me. If you stand like that you can’t see the train.

But I’ll hear it and know it’s coming.

What? No. Just stand over here. 

We held hands but he tried holding both of my hands at the same time…while standing next to me. YEAH. Think about that for a second. It was so awkward.

My train finally arrived and I kissed him goodbye. Up until the train station it was great. Then it was just so wrong. I had to digest it for a bit but I was down for a second date. We were an intriguing possibility.


Love always,

Art Babe



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