The Challenge

The challenge started simply enough: go on the most dates in one month. And then Babeland happened.

This is a date-by-date account of what happens when a group of successful and independent women go confidently in the direction of their dreams. KIDDING. We just wanted to casually date a bunch of dudes and stop getting screwed over by savage NYC bros. As it turned out, this challenge was more about our friendship than dating – but really, we knew that from the beginning.

The Competitors

Seven twenty-something babes in NYC in and between various types of relationships

  • 5 babes dating up a storm
  • 2 referees (because this is serious)
The Point System

We like to be rewarded for our efforts, even if they don’t turn out to be fruitful. So we started a point system. One point per date. But what if you find a clingy dude who wants to go on 4 dates a week? That’s not fair! Okay, okay, one point per date, up to the first two dates. But what if you sleep with someone? That should definitely count as two dates…So three hours and eight dishes of Korean fusion in the East Village later, here’s what we came up with:

  • First date = 1 point
  • Second date = 1 point
  • Third date = 0 points UNLESS you do the dirty, then it’s 1 point
  • Being stood up on a date = 1 point
  • Bonus rounds (announced by referees) =  1 point each
  1. Go on dates.
  2. Take a selfie in the bathroom as evidence.
  3. Update details to the excel sheet when you’re home.
  4. Contribute hilarious and steamy anecdotes to our bangin’ group chat.
  5. Crown the queen.

We’re all winners. Or losers.

  • Free dinner sponsored by your squad at the location of your choice
  • 1 Pack of Plan B (morning after pill)
  • Bragging rights until the next challenge

Simple. Type-A as fuck. We’re such babes.